• 1 Who may address the Commissioner with a complaint or concern?

    Citizens of the Republic of Abkhazia, foreigners and stateless individuals as well as groups of citizens can apply to the Commissioner for help in protecting their rights.

    Please note that the Ombudsman examines complaints on actions or omissions by state bodies, self-government institutions and authorities only if the applicant has previously appealed against these actions (omissions) in a judicial or administrative manner, but does not agree with the outcome.

  • 2 Procedure and conditions for admissibility of an appeal

    A complaint submitted to the Commissioner must contain the full name and address of the applicant, the substance of decisions or actions (omissions) in which the applicant finds a violation of his/her rights and freedoms, and also it must be accompanied by copies of decisions made upon complaint in judicial or administrative order.

    Before submitting a complaint to the Commissioner, it is advisable to make sure that a breach of human rights or discrimination has occurred. Therefore, we recommend first consulting Lawyers for Human Rights at public reception offices.

    The Ombudsman may dismiss recurring complaints, where the final decision on invoked illegality has already been reached, unless they contain information on newly revealed circumstances.

    The Ombudsman’s Office is not a part of the executive branch, and does not have the power to annul, revoke or amend decisions of public authorities. Decisions of the Human Rights Commissioner are not binding, but recommendatory.

  • 3 Please note

    Your request will be processed within 5 working days following receipt of your request. Where a request has been rejected, you will receive a notice of reasons for its inadmissibility, and recommendations on further actions to protect your rights and freedoms.

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