Terrorist attack in Moscow
22 March 2024

  In connection with the terrorist attack on March 22 in Moscow, Anas Kishmaria, the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Republic of Abkhazia sent a letter to Tatyana Moskalkova, the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation with words of sympathy and support. The document says:
Dear Tatyana Nikolaevna!
      In these difficult hours for people who live in Moscow, the Russians and all civilized humanity in connection with the bloody terrorist attack that took place in Crocus City Hall, I want to express the words of sympathy and support.
      There is no justification for terrorism aimed at killing civilians. This monstrous crime - the barbaric murder of several dozen people cannot leave anyone who considers himself a civilized person indifferent. Please accept my sincere condolences for the death of our fellow citizens. I am confident that the competent authorities will solve this crime and all those responsible will receive the deserved punishment.
      I wish the victims a speedy recovery and all the people of Russia patience and mental strength to survive this tragedy.

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